You found your way here because something isn't feeling right with your relationship.
Let's figure a few things out.

toxic relationship

We are deeply saddened to share that Dr. Shaler passed away unexpectedly on April 3, 2024.

She left peacefully and without any further discomfort, full of grace. Rhoberta worked hard to maintain her energy to continue offering time and wisdom to clients, members, fans, and strangers alike, who found her voice and demeanor comforting and strengthening as you each faced difficult and overwhelming experiences.

We know it was very hard for her to let go enough to leave her clients behind, and that serving you all was her greatest joy.

We will begin to surface additional material and content from her deep archive over coming months to allow her voice and strength to continue helping you all.

Relationship stalled?

Ready to reconnect, restore and re-ignite?

Relationship in trouble?

Feeling used, abused, unloved or unsafe?

Until you hit a bump in the road, you may not realize that you have settled for unhealthy & unsatisfying patterns of relationship.

The bumpier the road gets, the more you realize something has to change.

You’re greatly affected by the home you came from, and until you examine your relationships you may not recognize that you are perpetuating unhealthy patterns that can even extend to unwitting (or purposeful) verbal and emotional abuse.

You may feel you’re fighting to be seen, heard and accepted.

No one likes to think or say that those patterns are abusive. Verbal abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, spiritual abuse, or worse, physical or sexual abuse need to be recognized, and named, to change. That’s the first step. 

You may notice the way you talk to one another has declined into emotional abuse and reactive abuse, especially as you get more and more tired, and angry, and unsure what you’re doing together.

You can feel unsafe, experience anxiety, and have long-term resentments that are playing out in a variety of destructive ways. You don’t want that. And if you have kids, you don’t want them to live in an atmosphere of fear and mistrust. Kids are sponges. They see and do – and accept – what you model for them. 

You can break that cycle. You can make changes and give yourself, and your family, a healthier way forward. 

Realizing the truth of what’s happening (or happened), learning new ways to navigate challenging situations, and deeply understanding that you matter are the steps to healing and recovery – together or apart.

Whatever’s going on, it’s time to do something positive.

It may be time to decide the big question: should you stay or should you go?

If you need help making that decision, or have made that decision, getting support to execute your exit strategically is wise.

Ready for relationship help—guidance, skills, strategies & support—to move in healthier directions?

toxic relationship

Need help getting back on track?

Or building something good into something great?

Kaizen for Couples is designed for just that. I work with couples who have found themselves in a rut that’s no longer comfortable or healthy.

toxic relationship

Struggling in a toxic situation?

Are you holding your breath, feel like you're walking on eggshells, sad & confused?

Hijackals are real. They are toxic and abusive, and there are special skills and strategies needed to live with them, or escape from them.

Relationship Crisis Consulting. Education. Anti-Abuse Advocacy.
Dr. Shaler has extensive education as a therapist, counselor, and mediator, and more than 30 years helping folks have better relationships with themselves, their partners, their parents and co-workers.

She draws on all these disciplines to provide relationship consulting with effective insights, strategies, and skills to help you to see your next best steps clearly
…and execute them well!

No insurance taken. Receipts for reimbursement provided when requested on completion of a package.

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toxic relationship

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