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Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor, will work with you to find the solutions to your relationship troubles, whatever and wherever they are, with your partner, your family, your co-workers. 

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Learning to communicate, to manage and resolve the conflicts that arise, is important for relationships to build, deepen and strengthen. Training, counseling, mediation  and classes provided by Dr. Shaler through The Optimize Center and Optimize Institute lead you towards engaging positively. 

2014-oc3eIf those conflicts are unable to be managed or resolved, relationship help is important for disengaging peacefully through mediation and counseling.

It is a strength for you as an individual or couple to demonstrate your commitment to your relationship by seeking expert help to resolve relationship issues. It helps you know, and take,  the next best steps to strengthen your relationship and create the emotional intimacy, trust, honesty, safety, respect and reliability that builds a world class relationship.

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It is a strength for a business to offer coaching, counseling and classes to give their employees the best relationship help possible. Did you know that a study done a few years ago but the Mediation Institute showed that “Up to 47% of an employee’s time is spent engaging in, or resolving, interpersonal conflicts.”  Can you afford that in your business? Likely not. Dr. Shaler offers theoi-logo2009-withtag training your staff benefits most from: not just adding skills, but understanding the nature of  the issues so that change can actually occur!  Visit The Optimize Institute website for more information.

It is so easy to say “This will pass,” and yet, it seldom does. Conflicts, misunderstandings, failures to communicate, hurt feelings–all these, when unresolved, or glossed over, fester, and judgments are made on the basis of past difficulties. THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED! And, that is done through getting the relationship help you need when the problem or issue arises. It is much easier then than later!

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