Are you in a toxic relationship? Exhausted by conflict or constant drama? Ready for things to change for the better?

Let's work together to see, eliminate, and replace anything that looks like emotional abuse in your life.
It's easy! Video conferencing sessions from wherever you are in the world, on your phone or computer.
Get the skills, strategies, and support to stop the crazy-making and save your sanity here.

What’s going on in your relationship? Do these things feel familiar?

“I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong anymore and feel like I am going crazy.”

“Nothing I do is right or good enough.

“It’s always my fault…even when it isn’t.”

“I’m concerned for my children, what they’re seeing and hearing.”

“I’m so tired of the drama, the outbursts, the attacks, and the cycles.”

I know it’s very debilitating to feel like you never do it “right”, or well enough. When every time you become hopeful that you can find honesty and safety, you are taking a risk that seldom turns out to improve communication, or resolve conflicts.

Hijackal Recovery & Rediscovery - 12 Sessions

I know because I’ve lived through it, too…. toxic parents, partners, family, co-workers… you name it.
I have learned a lot through personal experience, and much more from my extensive studies, professionally. 

For the past 15+ years I have specialized in understanding narcissism and other personality disorders that create toxicity in relationships. I work exclusively with the partners, exes and adult children of Hijackals®.

Being in relationship with a Hijackal leaves  you feeling exhausted,  anxious, and uncertain. Unfortunately, you might also feel guilty, like you just didn’t do enough, give enough, or be enough. And, that’s not true! 

About Rhoberta

Whether you want freedom IN, or freedom FROM, your toxic relationship, we can work together to get clarity on your next best steps!

I’m Dr. Rhoberta Shaler. I want to help you to stop the seemingly endless cycle of conflicts, miscommunications, crazy-making habits, alienation, and constant drama.

You’re in the right place for toxic relationship help (and, from wherever you are in the world, through video conferencing!)

Jane RClient, UK
“The help and information you share makes me feel I can breathe again. I am not alone in this. Thank you.”
Suzann KMember, Colorado USA
“Thank you, Dr Shaler, for your work and your writings. You may have no idea just how much of a lifeline I have been thrown just by finding you.”
James P.Youtube Subscriber
“My partner offered me your video. It all makes sense to me right now. Oh my god! your video is incredible and enlightening.. i feel secure again within myself.”
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Relationship Help Podcasts.

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Learn what you need to know

Take my eCourse NOW...Learn to quickly recognize the red flags of crazy-making relationships. Understand what is NOT YOUR FAULT and how to keep your sanity when you can't avoid them.

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Connect with others who have Hijackals.

Knowing you're not the only person on the planet who is in a crazy-making relationship can be very reassuring. You are NOT crazy. It's them, not you. Join us and get the support of others.

Not therapy. Not counseling. Straight-up consulting with effective insights, strategies and skills to help your relationships!

Get the relationship help, the guidance, skills, strategies, and support you need to move in healthy directions, right away.

Schedule an introductory session 
– just $97 for your first hour – 
if you’re ready to start making meaningful changes to your relationship dynamic.

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