Why You Can’t Know, Like & Trust a Narcissistic Hijackal

…even when you really want to believe you can.

They keep you guessing, don’t they? Narcissists–and all Hijackals–like to keep you in uncertainty, chaos, and confusion.

You HOPE you know them, and then they make you question it.

Can you rely on them? Only for one thing…and, I tell you about that ONE thing in this episode.

…along with many signs showing you that it is unwise to trust a narcissistic person even you want to believe you know and like them. Honesty is a big question when you’re in a relationship with a Hijackal, as well as respect, reliability, safety, and trust. Much as you want to believe they have those things to give you…sadly, they don’t…and won’t.


  • Where the idea of “know, like & trust” came from: Bob Burg’s book, Endless Referrals
  • How it applies to relationships
  • The one thing you CAN trust about Hijackals and other narcissistic folks
  • What makes it almost impossible for Hijackals to love you
  • 6 predictable things about Hijackals┬«

I’m here to help. Let’s talk soon.


Why can’t you trust a narcissist …

Narcissists can be incredibly charming and charismatic, AND are very self-absorbed, pathologically focused on their own needs and desires, and lack empathy for others.

They do not take accountability for their actions or recognize the feelings of those they hurt. Furthermore, they often manipulate people in order to get what they want, making it difficult to even identify when something is off. Ultimately, narcissists are unreliable because they prioritize themselves above all else.

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