7 Unhealthy Patterns You Learn Growing Up in a Narcissistic Family

You may not even know you picked up all this from narcissistic family dynamics in your life. When you hear these things, you may find the key to unlocking relationship difficulties you've had in your adult life. Definitely worth listening to!

Is your narcissistic family past negatively affecting your adult relationships now?

We take SO much in as young children, even before we have any language skills at all! We come to know if we're wanted, loved, appreciated, welcomed, and heard before we ever understand a word anyone says to us. That impacts our whole life...unless we recognize what slipped under our radar in our first seven years of life!


  • How what happens to you in your first seven years of life can impact your adult life
  • 7 patterns of behavior a narcissistic family--with even just one narcissistic person--will demonstrate
  • Why it's important to look into your early home life for things that could be negatively impacting your life now
  • Why I think that telling your child to stop crying or "I'll give you something to cry about" is narcissistic
  • How having a narcissistic parent affects your ability to ask for what you need and want in life
  • How recognizing these early patterns can help you make better decisions today that make you happier

If there was a parent or other authority figure in your family who had narcissistic tendencies, you'll be recognizing these thing I talk about. It's all you knew then, but now you know more. You can do things differently!

Don't be hard on yourself! You couldn't possibly know what your early environment was putting in your mind, and how it was establishing your sense of who you were within you. That's why it's important to think about these things today.

Information and insights into what happened in your emotional self early in life can shift your perception of yourself. You recognize what was done TO you, and can see more clearly to make healthier choices now in your adult life and relationships.


For a bit more on this topic, listen to a previous episode, my interview with Johanna Lynn:

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