How Living With Or Being Raised By A Narcissist Actually Traumatizes You

If you downplay the trauma, you won’t take steps to recover. That would be a shame.

Never underestimate the effect of having a narcissistic parent or partner! Resist the urge to downplay the verbal and emotional abuse.

You’re not supposed to be abused…by anyone!!! Today, I’m sharing some ways to recognize your own trauma, so you can take steps away from it…whether you leave or not.


  • How trauma interferes with your brain, learning, decision-making, and memory
  • Why you don’t associate current issues with past trauma
  • What trauma bonds are and how they keep you trapped
  • Signs of past trauma
  • Recognizing trauma for what it is
  • Understanding the impact of trauma now and from the past

Shahida Arabi, talking about childhood abuse and trauma, wrote in her article, What It’s Like To Be A Complex Trauma Survivor of Narcissistic Abuse:

“Survivors carry a sense of toxic shame, helplessness, and a feeling of separateness from others, of being different and defective due to trauma.”

If you have experienced childhood abuse and/or trauma, you are more likely to attract a potentially abusive partner. Sad news, I know. And, at some deeper levels, you may be “comfortably uncomfortable” with it, at least for a while.

It’s important to recognize your own trauma, and then to work it through so that you are no longer operating from it subconsciously. Today’s episode will definitely help.

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