Relationship Help: Co-Existing, Co-Operating or Collaborating?

Co-existing? Co-operating? Collaborating? Which is it generally in your relationship? It’s important to contemplate these distinctions because they make all the difference in the viability and the vitality of your relationship. You can look the words up in a dictionary and you’ll find there is little distinction, but in terms of relationship help, there are […]

Financial Empowerment For Women Considering Divorce…And After Guest: Victoria Lowell

One big consideration women and men have when considering divorce is the real costs of leaving. Financial advocate, Victoria Lowell is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and she offers practical advice for being on the best rack. Too many people–especially, unfortunately, women–feel they are at a disadvantage in seeking a divorce because of financial control. […]

When Is It A Rough Patch and When Is It Abuse? Recognize abuse!

it's time to recognize abuse

No one likes to think of themselves as being abused, especially in an adult relationship. It’s time to know how to recognize abuse. It’s SO much more than a occasional rough spot in a relationship. Emotional abuse. Verbal abuse. Too often excused… Is what you’re going through–or watching someone else go through–just a rough patch […]

How Will I Feel When I’m Leaving A Hijackal®, A Relentlessly Difficult Person?

stop tolerating toxic relationships - leaving a hijackal

Hijackals scavenge the relationship for power, status, and control, and leave you feeling discouraged, demeaned, and disempowered.  You finally recognize the need to leave, and then what? In my Facebook group, a member posted an article, and then asked, “Are you wondering what will happen if you end your relationship with a Hijackal?” The writer […]

Divorcing a Hijackal attorney…and thriving! It Happened to Me


Today’s guest, Christa, shares her story of life with a Hijackal husband, and divorcing him. Oh, yes, with the added difficulties created by him being an attorney! Be inspired by her story. This is a special feature of Save Your Sanity. I occasionally talk on Save Your Sanity with people willing to share their stories of life […]

Relationship Problems: Make This the Holiday Season You Want it to Be!

Relationship problems and the holidays? It happens. Oh, we so hope everyone will be different when we visit them this holiday season…especially the difficult, fearful and judgmental ones! In fits of wishful thinking, we hope that any growth we have achieved during the past year will have, by osmosis, been passed along to them.  They […]

How to Be Resilient in Scary Times

how to be resilient

Where can we find, and develop, the strength and resilience to keep bouncing back in scary times? Nora Femenia, guest blogger, offers solid answers. Read on…