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Relationship Problems: Communicate. Don’t Dance for Two!

So often, when a couple comes to see me, one of them is “dancing for two.”  You may recognize the pattern: one person knows what the other person thinks, what the other person wants, why the other person does what s/he does and what needs to happen to solve the relationship problems.  And, that is…

Relationship Problems: Avoid Auto-Pilot & Cruise Control!

BIG MISTAKE!  Relationship problems are  often the natural result of thinking that our relationships come equipped with auto-pilot and cruise control. Relationship problems arise when we think our relationships can fall into the “Set & Forget” category of life. What are you thinking? People–and, more frequently,  men people–think that once the partner, spouse or soulmate…

Is a nudge more effective than a shove?

Nudging is catching people doing things right! Use your time and energy for moving the positive forward. Use these ideas from Dr. Rhoberta Shaler to encourage & motivate effectively, negotiate without conflict, criticize without hurt feelings.

Shake it up. Start conversations in novel ways.

© Rhoberta Shaler, PhD www.Rhoberta.com Want to wake things up and create more engaging conversation? Today I was reminded of a talk I gave a few years ago, so I thought I’d write about it today. What I was talking about was the habitual greeting: “How are you?” So many times we ask or hear…