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Relationship Help: Are You Safe with You?

We need to be safe with ourselves. To be safe, we need to be able to trust ourselves, be honest with ourselves and respect ourselves.  So, given those criteria, are you safe with yourself? “Are you safe with you?” That might seems like a silly question, but it is not.  We often need relationship help…

Ready to turn Thanksgiving into Thanksliving?

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! It’s going to be a great day. The turkey is browning, the gravy is made and the family and friends are in a generous, loving mood. After enjoying the wonderful meal, the tradition of going around the table and sharing our “gratitudes” warms our hearts. Thanksgiving: a great start! What if Thanksgiving was…

Is a nudge more effective than a shove?

Nudging is catching people doing things right! Use your time and energy for moving the positive forward. Use these ideas from Dr. Rhoberta Shaler to encourage & motivate effectively, negotiate without conflict, criticize without hurt feelings.