Resentment Creates Rage & Repression. Not Good!

Toxic relationships brew resentment like gas station coffee… it’s bitter, tepid, and hard to swallow.

Recognizing the underlying resentment that may be swirling in your relationship is a critical step in getting healthier – emotionally AND physically. Resentment is rife in all relationships with narcissistic Hijackals…on both sides! Resentment can also be stealthy… some may surprise you!

Let’s explore where it comes from and how it looks on each side of a toxic, emotionally abusive relationship, so you can know better how to move forward without it!


  • Hijackals operate from resentment much of the time
  • Non-Hijackals live with resentment and often repress expressing it
  • Why you need to see these distinctions about resentment, rage and repression clearly
  • What you can do to take your next best steps after recognizing the presence of rage, repression and resentment

Both Hijackals–those relentlessly difficult people with narcissistic tendencies–and the person with whom they share a relationship will feel resentment… for very different reasons, but the same final result. It’s important to learn the distinctions. It will help you understand why a relationship with a Hijackal is unlikely to sustain positive changes over time.

Living in and with resentment coming towards you or coming from within you is consuming…and, not in a good way. Listen in!

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Here’s the livestream with chapters:



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