How Having a Narcissistic Mother Messes with You Long-term

For those who grow up under the shadow of a narcissistic mother, the journey to self-discovery and building healthy relationships can be a turbulent one. We’re going to unpack how the suppression of needs and the marginalization of identities lead to lasting implications on self-esteem and an individual’s self-concept.

Sons and daughters often endure different treatments from a narcissistic mother, with emotional complexities that entangle their sense of worth and capability to connect authentically with others. But recognition of these profound influences is the first step on the path to personal development.

Our conversation will also touch upon the daunting challenge of passive aggression from Hijackal parents. We’ll delve into how these relationships may condition children to settle for less, perpetuate enabling behaviors, and suppress their own needs for the sake of others.

By the end of this episode, we hope to offer insights and resources for those looking to break free from the patterns set by a Hijackal mom and reclaim their personal power. We’re building on collective support and education, and as always, we’re committed to fostering a community where experiences are shared, validated, and understood.


  • Narcissistic mothers treat their sons and daughters differently
  • Why you may have learned to have no needs…or deny the ones you have
  • How you were mothered shifts your responses in relationship
  • The impact of lowering your expectations of having your needs met
  • Why it’s important to purposefully examine what happened to you…and its impact


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