Don’t Let A Hijackal Harden Your Heart. Harden Your Attitude Towards Them.

When you’re on guard every minute, hypervigilant about the next accusation, you might think I’m suggesting something impossible…maybe even crazy. I’m not.

It’s important to recognize that you can stay in charge of yourself, no matter what kind of crazy-making the Hijackal or narcissist engages in.

Difficult? Yes, but not impossible. Worthwhile? Definitely!

Learn this invaluable approach to taking good care of yourself, even though you may be rattled daily by a Hijackal now.


  • Be hard on issues, Soft on self.
  • Why Hijackals may NOT harden your heart: you won’t give them your permission!
  • Harden your attitude towards the Hijackal, but keep your heart safe.
  • Hijackals don’t care who they hurt.
  • Do your best not to take it personally.


I’m here to help. Let’s talk soon.


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