BEWARE! Why Hijackals Generalize, Globalize & Gloss Over

Hijackals will do whatever they think they need to do to “win” in any moment. Generalizing, globalizing and glossing over information is a strategy–a trick–they use to go for that “win.” Once you clearly see it, you will be able to counteract it, but you may not be recognizing it quite yet. This episode will expose the trick and the tactics.

Feel bullied in a conversation with a narcissistic person? This could be why.


  • Why Hijackals–narcissistic people–have to be right
  • Another tactic Hijackals use to make you feel unimportant
  • How generalizing, globalizing, and glossing over is an attempt to kill the conversation
  • Why it is SO important to recognize this globalizing tactic so you won’t be taken in by it

When a narcissist is trying to gain the upper hand in any relationship, they may employ a strategy of generalizing, globalizing and glossing over information in order to win emotional points. This manipulative tactic involves distorting experiences and disregarding facts, in order to control the emotional reactions from others.

While this might help them gain short-term emotional satisfaction or power, it can be incredibly damaging for any relationship when done repeatedly. It should not be overlooked as emotional abuse and is important to address head-on if it creeps into your personal relationships.

In order to protect yourself from this type of manipulation, it is important to practice assertive communication and stand your ground when conversations become overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries with a narcissist in attempts to keep the relationship balanced.

Make sure you are speaking honestly about what matters most to you and that your opinion is heard, even if it is disagreed upon. Additionally, be aware of the language being used and recognize when you are being overly generalized or glossed over. It’s important to remember that if someone isn’t willing respect your opinion or feelings, they don’t deserve to have a relationship with you.

Learning these tactics may help you feel more confident in your relationships and prevent feeling taken advantage of by a narcissist.

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