A whole chicken and egg thing! Anger and anxiety are closely related, and it’s essential to see how.

Hijackals in the mix create a whole other level of mess! Listen in for help to clarify what’s happening IN you and TO you.

If you were raised by, live with, or have left a Hijackal–a relentlessly difficult, toxic person, you know what it is to live with anger and anxiety. Sometimes, at the same time, too!

Internal anxiety can shift to externalized anxiety which shows up as anger. It can leave you wondering if you’re the Hijackal, right? Yes, it can, but that’s not an accurate conclusion to draw.

Hijackals are crazy-making, and when anger and anxiety enter the picture, your ability to think straight dulls.


  • How anger and anxiety are different
  • Similarities between anger and anxiety in the body
  • How anxiety can turn to anger and anger can generate anxiety
  • How anger and anxiety show up in a toxic relationship with a Hijackal or a narcissist
  • Why understanding anger and anxiety in these ways can help you make decisions

Anger is usually an antagonism for one person who you think is causing your suffering. Maybe, is even responsible for it. Anxiety is a build-up of tension and worry because you don’t feel in control of yourself, the situation or the future. That’s why you can feel anxious and find yourself expressing anger, and you can feel angry and know that it is an outlet for pent-up anxiety.

Oh, and remember that episode I did on Reactive Abuse? That’s a good example of this crazy-making cycle of anxiety and anger. If anything I’ve written so far makes sense, you’ll find even more understanding in that episode. Add that to this one, and you’ll clearly see the cycles and why they need to end.

Learn more about how anxiety takes you out of the present and disconnects you from your present reality. Anxiety is usually about something that hasn’t happened yet, but you’re worried it might. Both anxiety and anger are rooted in fear. That takes some work to recognize, claim, and change. This episode is a good start!

Want to know how to handle your anger and anxiety in a toxic relationship? I’m here to help.

I wish you well.


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