Am I In A Toxic Relationship With A Hijackal? Beware, Hijackals Are Crafty!

Often I talk about the patterns, traits, cycles, and behaviors of difficult, toxic people. In this episode, I talk about how you feel when you have a #Hijackal in your life. Ever feel as though your life has been invaded? Listen in for more.

Yes, it’s important to recognize the patterns, traits, cycles, and behaviors of the relentlessly difficult people I call #Hijackals®.


  • Why you can being emotionally poisoned without noticing
  • How the toxicity spreads into unknown corners of your life
  • The subtle effects of life with a #Hijackal
  • How #Hijackals change you to focus on them without realizing their effect on you
  • Hijackals are crafty: they are clever at achieving their aims by indirect and deceitful methods

In this episode, another important feature: what kinds of things you FEEL when you’re with a Hijackal. That’s so important to take note of because almost all those feelings are not good ones, right?

Toxicity is poisonous! In fact, that is part of the very definition of the word, toxicity.

If you’re busy rationalizing, justifying, or making excuses for the bad behavior of another person, you may not notice the huge toll it is taking on your own life. Not good!

Take these in and compare them to how you’re feeling. Eye-opening!

And if you’re really wondering, take the “Is My Partner a Toxic Hijackal” Checklist… it’s free! 

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