Is My Partner a Toxic Hijackal?

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Is your partner a toxic Hijackal?

Being with a relentlessly difficult person who is always finding fault, and making you wrong, is crazy-making.

You may find that you're second-guessing yourself and questioning your sanity, rather than looking at the behavior of the other person in the bright light of reality.

You may tend to make excuses, rationalize, and justify behavior that goes on too long, or happens too frequently. This checklist will take you through many traits and patterns to help you understand what may really be going on, and what may actually be so about the other person.

Take the checklist, and think deeply about your answers. Nobody will see this except you... so be honest with yourself. Really assess the other person's behavior, and YOUR responses to it. Make sure you're being fair, and not overstating - or UNDERstating - what's real in your relationship.

Only answer NO if it truly is a NO, all the time. If it's not constant, then answer SOMETIMES. If the behavior is usual, it's a YES.


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