Why Power is the Enemy of Love

Power in relationships can be a very difficult and disturbing issue. Of course, if you have a Hijackal parent, partner, sibling, or adult child, you're well aware of that! This episode will give you new insights into solving ever-arising issues!


  • 6 Signs Power Problems are Poisoning Your Relationship
  • The smartest thing to do when you feel disempowered in a relationship
  • Why creating distance can be destructive in relationships sometimes
  • Identifying power moves in you relationship
  • A 3-Step process for resolving relationship conflict

My guest, Mira Kirschenbaum, wrote in Why Couples Fight:

"A power move is anything we do or say that makes the other person feel disempowered."

Of course, it's all in the perception, however, if each of us is careful not to purposefully say or do something that is designed to make another feel disempowered, it's a great start!

So, are you responsible for feeling empowered? That's a big question we talk through during the episode.

As Mira says in a recent article on her website: ChestnutHillInstitute.com :

"If you have an 800-pound gorilla in your room--in this case, a gorilla of power imbalances and power struggles--you have to step up and make dealing with it a priority. Just the way you would if you came home and found an actual 800-pound gorilla in your room. The first step is just understanding the problem and taking it seriously. Then, doing what works to solve it."

Not all issues in a relationship have an equitable solution. Using Mira Kirschenbaum's 3-Step process is a great start!

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Mira has an international reputation as a therapist working with individuals, couples, and families. People from all over the world have come to seek her help, including royalty and people prominent in entertainment, business, medicine, law, sports, and, of course men and women in all walks of life. Mira has always made an effort to work with people who are disadvantaged.

Mira has lectured and done training at Harvard and made countless appearances on TV, radio, and in print. She’s appeared a number of times on the Today Show, CNN, and numerous daytime talk shows, and has been interviewed frequently in magazines such as Cosmo, Glamour, and Town and Country.

Mira was one of the pioneers of feminist therapy and family therapy in Boston. She was also a founding member of One Generation After in Boston, an organization for children of Holocaust survivors designed to educate the public about the Holocaust and the dangers of genocide and racism.

Throughout her career, Mira’s focus has been on giving people, particularly women, the tools they need to give themselves the lives they want and need. Her work has always been focused on empowerment within a full understanding of the person’s context.


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