Don’t Hijackals love to stir the pot and keep it swirling? They definitely have goals in mind and one is to keep you spinning and the relationship unstable. You want that to stop. Get insights into stopping the spinning and instability in this episode.

When a Hijackal wants power over you–and they all do, one of the most likely ways they go for it is to catch you off-guard, keep you uncertain, and be contradictory. You’ve likely noticed that. They think that allows them to operate somehow undercover if they keep you off-center. And, many times it works. After you listen to this episode, if it was working, it won’t anymore!


  • Why Hijackals think they have the right to shape the relationship
  • How Hijackals create chaos and confusion
  • Why Hijackals work to keep you in uncertainty and, preferably, instability
  • Hijackal moves to exert power over you
  • 8 steps to stop the spinning and the instability they want to create


I’ve covered a lot of the wily ways of Hijackals in other episodes – you can search my archive for:

…and those are only some!

A toxic person’s (Hijackal) intention is to keep you off balance. While you are second-guessing yourself or questioning your sanity at their instigation, they are undercutting your confidence and undermining your certainty. And, all to have a continuous advantage over you! Nasty.

I offer you eight steps you can take immediately…and they don’t involve getting the cooperation of the Hijackal. That’s ideal! You want to get back to your own center, live your own values, and establish yourself in a relationship that offers equality and equity, reciprocity, and mutuality. Of course, those are things that Hijackals shy away from, if not run screaming from. Unfortunately, though, they won’t run off without a mega effort to have power over you and run you down.

Now, you can begin with the eight steps in this episode. Yay!

Do you need help to stop the chaos and confusion? I’m here to help.

I wish you well.



What folks have said…
My partner offered me your video.. however, I am mind boggled that it is her that is the Hijackal.. it all makes sense to me right now… I always knew that she doesn’t take responsibility for her actions and I am always to blame.. and eventually I started to believe her as I love her .. Oh my god! your video is incredible and enlightening.. I feel secure again within myself.  
incredible and enlightening

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