How is Your Past Impacting Your Now? Have you thought it through in specific details?

Were you set up for attracting a toxic relationship, one with a Hijackal®? You may have been. Family drama, trauma, and abuse affect your self-concept as well as your self-esteem. Johanna Lynn sheds fascinating light on this today.

Special Conversation with ​ Johanna Lynn, Clinical Hypnotherapist

All that happened to you in life affects everything that is currently happening in your life. If you are not getting the results in life and relationships that you want, then, you want to listen to this episode for sure.

Unless you've had a reason or taken the time to think deeply about the home your grew up in, you might not recognize that you had a relentlessly difficult, toxic parent. If you did, the things you learned before you even could walk are affecting everything, on auto-pilot. That Hijackal parent taught you who you were and what to expect from life, and that parent lied to you. Really!

MY GUEST Johanna Lynn, Part 1 - Inherited Family Ties and Traits

Why are you comfortable being treated in ways that make you uncomfortable? Learn how your nervous system learned this. Families share operating systems, family patterns, family traits. Learn how your inner images of yourself and your family play out in your life now.

Epigenetic patterns are real. Our inner images of self and family play out without our awareness. You need to know about this important information! It can clear up a lot of what has happened to you!

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