What Healthy Love Is

Knowing what healthy love is allows you to examine your own relationship more accurately. Don’t settle for crumbs. Wait for the full meal.


  • Where we get our contexts for healthy love
  • The necessary balance between autonomy and intimacy
  • A definition of healthy love
  • The 3 must-haves of a healthy adult relationship
  • Creating healthy partnership

Did you see healthy love growing up? Did you experience it? Did you feel it?

Did it make you feel safe and loved for who you were as you grew? If you didn’t experience this when you were young, you may be settling for less than is healthy now. Find out today!

Dr. Shaler’s definition of “healthy love:”

“Healthy love has an equitable balance between autonomy and intimacy, demonstrates equality, reciprocity, and mutuality and operates with honesty, safety, trust, respect, and reliability. Then, it is a partnership, greater than the sum of its parts.”

Is this what you’re experiencing in your primary romantic relationship? Make it your goal. Don’t settle for less.

Want to talk about your relationship? . I’m here to help.


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