TOXIC SHAME – Why Narcissists NEED You to Feel WORTHLESS

Unless they want something badly, narcissists want you to be in emotional chaos. In fact, they want you to feel less than and inadequate. Back-handed and blindsiding, they do their best to keep you off center and uncertain.

Learn about toxic shame and how it may be playing out in your inner dialogue and in your relationship with a narcissistic parent and/or partner. See it so you can stop it!


  • What is toxic shame?
  • How is toxic shame different from “normal” shame?
  • How do I know if I’ve experienced toxic shame?
  • Why narcissists are so likely to pass along the toxic shame they live beneath
  • Why everything threatens a narcissist
  • What narcissist do with toxic shame and why you need to know so you can avoid it



Here’s an older episode that helps explain the difference between “regular old shame” and “toxic shame”…




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