The Endless, Exhausting Competitiveness of Hijackals in Toxic Relationships

Recognize the large and small ways toxic people find to compete with you, even if only within their minds. Then, see it in daily life and learn to disengage, emotionally.

Constant emotional competition in relationships is exhausting and often includes verbal abuse which is emotional abuse.

Most people only do it in one or two small areas of life. When you have a Hijackal parent or partner--perhaps, a narcissistic parent or narcissistic partner, it is a daily occurrence--even minute-to-minute--in large and tiny ways. Some ways, you may not even recognize. Listen to learn ten tips to help you emotionally disengage! That's the first, and maybe most important, step!

#Hijackals--toxic parents, toxic partners, toxic siblings, toxic coworkers--turn every relationship into a competition. Even things you would not imagine they would find a need to win in, they will! Sad. And, it's constant.


  • Why #Hijackals feel the need to compete in relationships
  • How something you think couldn't possibly matter gets turned into a battle with a #Hijackal
  • Why knowing Hijackals have fragile egos is no reason to coddle them
  • Why Hijackals NEED to break you, and feel gratified in doing so
  • 10 internal tips for starting to disengage from the competition you don't want with a narcissistic partner or a narcissistic parent

A very important thing to remember if you have a #Hijackal partner, parent, sibling, friend, or co-worker:

You didn't break them: You cannot fix them. It's not your job. AND, notice if there is competition. If there is, refuse to engage with it. 

(Hint: all the love, patience, struggle, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding, or willingness will not cause them to change. Got it? Good!)

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