Stop Second-Guessing Yourself! 30 Underhanded, Undermining, Passive-Aggressive Tactics Narcissists Us To Confuse

Passive-aggressive behaviors are crazy-making! You first wonder if it's you, or your fault. Today, I give you clear examples of what people actually SAY and why it's passive-aggressive. Wonder no more!


  • What is passive-aggressive behavior?
  • What does it sound like?
  • 30 crazy-making things passive-aggressive people say to make you second-guess yourself
  • Understand why you second-guess yourself when you hear them
  • No longer be sucked into believing a #Hijackal who makes things your fault
  • Feel more confident that you can say 'NO!" to passive-aggressive blame.

Passive-aggressive much? You wonder if it's your fault, and #Hijackals definitely want you to do just that. So do non-Hijackals who are passive-aggressive!

In today's episode, I give you thirty things passive-aggressive people say that are crazy-making, and show you clearly why and how they cause you to second-guess yourself and question your sanity. Why? So, you can see the patterns and recognize what's really going on...and, stop it!

All passive-aggressive people say many of these. Not all passive-aggressive people are #Hijackals, BUT all #Hijackals are passive-aggressive. Recognize these so you won't take on their veiled blame (or, not so veiled!), and sneaky anger!

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