Self-Centered vs Narcissistic. Is There a Difference?

Yes, narcissistic people are self-centered, but does the reverse hold true?

Are self-centered people always narcissistic? Important distinctions here that can help you understand the troubling folks in your life. Or, do you think it’s a distinction without a difference?

In this episode, we’ll cover 10 very clear differences between these two personality types. Listen in and understand them, so you can approach your challenging toxic relationships appropriately and have better results!

We’re all self-centered at some time…or wishing we could be. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have your turn in the sun. The operant word, though is “turn.” Hijackals want to have all the “turns,” right?


  • 10 ways self-centered people are different than narcissistic people
  • Why it is important to see the distinctions between self-centered and narcissistic people
  • The part empathy plays in the distinctions
  • When there is entitlement, it changes the dynamic

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