Clearly see how narcissistic people try to control information flow by going through other people, their desired “flying monkeys.”

Are there other people in your relationship with the Hijackal who are being approached by the Hijackal to serve their purposes? Do they engage them? Learn how to think about all that!

SO important to recognize triangulation when it is happening! If it’s already happened, you can benefit from seeing the interactions and taking action, too.


  • What triangulation is and its purpose
  • Why Hijackals feel powerful using triangulation
  • How unsuspecting people get taken in by the Hijackals manipulations
  • What flying monkeys are
  • How flying monkeys play into triangulation and are seduced by a false sense of loyalty

The point of triangulation by a toxic person in a relationship is to create stress, confusion, anxiety for others while creating a sense of collusion with the narcissist, anti-social, histrionic, or other Hijackal. It works. It particularly works on you, the target, because you have learned to second-guess yourself and even question your sanity, in some cases.

Hijackals use triangulation because it makes them feel important and in control of the relationships, the one with you and the ones with others colluding with them.

Triangulation is when a toxic person brings a third person into a relationship so that the toxic person can remain in control and manipulate the situation. The whole strategy is toxic, too!

Why they do it, how they do it, and how to recognize it while it’s happening is the topic of this episode.

Not sure how to begin setting boundaries with a toxic person in your life? I’m here to help.

Let’s talk soon.



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