Reading the Shifting Scary Eyes of Hijackals As They Try to Control You

Yes, Hijackal’s eyes are not the windows to their souls as much as windows into their fears and desires to control. It’s real. You’re not imagining it. You can feel safer with the insights in this episode of Save Your Sanity.

Research shows that humans notice faces first. Generally, that is what attracts us.


  • The different ways narcissistic and psychopathic people look at you
  • Why it it important to recognize what a narcissist wants most from you
  • 5 different ways people with narcissistic, borderline, and anti-social tendencies look at you (None of them good!)
  • How to respond to the different warnings in their eyes effectively

Eyes tell you so much, if you interpret their messages accurately. When dealing with Hijackals–narcissistic, borderline, anti-social, and histrionic folks, you MUST get the messages clearly or you’ll be damaged, emotionally, if not physically. That’s why this episode is particularly important.

Healthy people want to read healthier things into peoples’ expressions. You must not do that when you’re with Hijackals. You have to believe what is written on their faces or you will be in trouble. Misinterpreting the messages in their eyes can be dangerous. Not believing those messages? More dangerous.

Rage eyes. Vacant eyes, Dead eyes, Black Eyes, Psychopathic Stares. Do you know the difference? Do you know what they indicate? Do you know how to keep yourself safer? Listen in.

Do you know you want to feel safer when Hijackal eyes burn a hole in you? I’m here to help.

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I love you Rhoberta Shaler; you have given me such power, inner strength, wisdom and invaluable insights. Thank you!
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