Add in all the new demands of homeschooling, 24/7 interaction, and lack of time with friends, and parenting just became much more! This is a timely episode for finding necessary balance in parenting!

Oh, more pressure! Somehow, the idea is often promoted that you're supposed to be best, most, top, smartest, most effective, most productive, most involved, ever-present parent...in order to be good enough! NO! NO! NO!


  • Recognize that parenting can be crazy-making
  • it's OK to realize that you may be feeling burned out as a parent
  • How to manage all the balls in the air at your house
  • Things to consider when feeling pressed and pressured by parenting
  • Why it's important to do your personal emotional work to be the best parent
  • Who says you're supposed to be a Super-Mom, anyway!!!

Who really told you that you're supposed to be a "SuperMom?"

Who's deciding that?

Do you value what they're up to or how they live?

Do you--should you--care what others think?

Have you examined what "good enough" parenting is FOR YOU?

Big topics worth talking and thinking through! If you don't, you can get caught up in the generalized idea that you're not doing a good enough job of anything! Ever been caught in that "slush bucket?"

Today, Kimberly Lou and I discuss where we get our ideas of what makes a good mother, even a great mother. It may not be what you've accepted, or been told and not examined. Freedom!

Kimberly has a valuable distinction: the difference between creating harmony rather than balance. You'll want to engage with that thought in this episode. She has some other provocative thoughts that will help you clarify your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and choices about parenting.

Oh, and Kimberly knows a few things about toxic relationships, too. Tune in.

Big hugs,



parentingIntegrative Life Coach Kimberly Lou helps "SuperMoms" who are burnt-out from taking on motherhood and a successful career to where they have no time to make room for romance. Kimberly offers life-changing advice to help women balance their life in a healthy way.

Kimberly Lou is an integrative Life and Corporate Mentor who coaches top CEOs, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and world-class athletes around the world. She helps clients accelerate and thrive through mental focus, emotional fitness and physical training.

In addition to Kimberly’s mentoring programs, she is an accomplished author, and a nationally recognized spokesperson for mental health and wellness. With over two decades of experience and extensive education, Advanced Fitness and Certified Wellness Specialist, Kimberly Lou creates attainable solutions using techniques that work at all fitness and wellness levels. Kimberly Lou has helped doctors create programs addressing mental illness, cognitive disabilities, and major addictions, in addition to, facilitating workshops and support groups for clients struggling with cognitive, mental, emotional, drug, and eating disorders.

Kimberly is the author of Becoming Who You're Meant To Be: Eliminate Destructive Patterns And Unlock The Ultimate You.


WEBSITE: https://www.KimberlyLou.com

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/kimberlyloucoaching

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