QUELLING THE FEAR OF REJECTION…especially from narcissistic hijackals!

No one likes to be rejected. It’s uncomfortable, painful, and a blow to the self-confidence and self-esteem.

What can you do about it? How do you think it through? It’s more difficult in a relationship with a Hijackal, Listen in to understand the dynamics and know what steps to take to quell the fear of rejection.


  • Why the fear of rejection is too common–more common than you think
  • How the fear of rejection is developed
  • How narcissistis and other Hijackals use fear of rejection as a tool to control you
  • Who is most likely to have a fear of rejection
  • Why recognizing a fear of rejection is the beginning of setting yourself free

if you had a Hijackal parent, you may well have developed a fear of rejection very early in your life. Living with a Hijackal parent or two creates a demand from them that they always have the upper hand and discard you at any moment, for any reason. That taps into a basic fear of being abandoned, and as you get older that can develop into a fear of rejection once you understand language and have a sense of your family dynamics.

Many people strive for perfection in the hopes of meeting the parents’ expectations and receiving their validation. Conversely, I think that that striving for perfection is more motivated by a fear of rejection. Unless you address this in your life, you cannot find and live your own personal power. Hijackals will rule your life, even when they are not around, because you have internalized their unrealistic expectations of you. This is SO work thinking through and working through.

Rejection happens. You’ll have feelings about it and they may not be pleasant, maybe even painful. You’ll live through it. When you liberate yourself from the FEAR of rejection, you set yourself free.

If you recognize that you have a fear of rejection, I’m here to help.


Here’s another side of this idea:

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