How Vulnerability and Healing Can Prevent Toxic Masculinity

How finding the pathway to forgiveness for a seeming unforgivable act led Lois Wagner on a new path herself. And how that helped define a pathway we can all take to prevent toxic masculinity from devouring the men in our lives.

Ever wondered how you could possibly find forgiveness for a seemingly unforgivable act? Like being raped, beaten, and left for dead? Today’s guest, Lois Wagner, found it, and she shares that journey with you today.


  • Finding the pathway to forgive the unforgivable
  • Healing the pain of betrayal
  • How toxic masculinity is created, and perpetuated
  • How to bring up boys to be positive adults (p.s. It works for all of us, at any age!)
  • B.R.A.V.E. = Boundaries. Respect. Agreement. Values and Vulnerability. Equality, Empathy, and Empowerment.

Toxic relationships include many kinds of abuse: verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical, sexual, financial, and spiritual abuse. Moving beyond the toxic relationships is the first step on the healing journey, with so much more to follow.

In her book, Walking Without Skin: A Journey of Healing From Fear to Forgiveness to Freedom, she writes:

As I walked out of that grey, sad, bad building, I didn’t notice the barbed wire, the electrified fencing, or the armed, bulletproof-vested security guards. I didn’t see the orange-overalled prisoners or hear their raucous laughter. I didn’t notice the wild Spring flowers incongruously surrounding the grey prison buildings. I didn’t see the grazing sheep and cattle, the blue cranes at the dam, or the backdrop of the magnificent snow-capped mountain.

When I left that prison, I flew out of that place free from those physical and emotional walls and boundaries to a newfound freedom.

Lois has used her experiences to craft invaluable programs and formulas to help young men and boys to see positive pathways in life.

She guides them to create attitudes and values that will serve them well and help prevent toxic masculinity from drowning out their capacity for empathy and compassion.

prevent toxic masculinityGUEST: LOIS WAGNER

As a survivor of a violent attack and rape, our speaker today has moved from victim through survivor to thriver and beyond to freedom. Lois uses her experience to fight toxic masculinity and to help eradicate gender-based violence.

She shares events and lessons from her own story moving her through fear into forgiveness to freedom and into the light.

Lower your guard and find how to be BRAVE in a relationship and in the fight against domestic violence as we welcome Lois as she takes you on a journey of bravery.

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