PASTCASTING™? What it is & 8 Ways It Can Keep Your Stuck in a Toxic Relationhip

Wonder why you don’t seem to create the momentum to address your toxic relationship? PastCasting™ is one way. It’s my term for a well-established internal program that immediately causes you to stay stuck, even when you know you’re settling and unhappy. Or, why you are fearful and exhausted.

It’s so much easier to think of the past than face the present when you’re in a toxic relationship. Distant memories can be made to seem like truth when your mind doesn’t want to deal with reality in the present moment. It’s false that you’re protecting yourself. It’s more likely that you are further hurting yourself. And, you may need a boost to make that happen.


  • What Pastcasting™ is
  • Why Pastcasting keeps you stuck
  • 8 ways you might be contributing to your “stuckness”
  • What to do when you can finally call it abuse
  • Why you might think Pastcasting is making things all right…when it isn’t

In this episode, I hope you find that boost, that you come up-to-date with the reality of a toxic relationship. Then, you can get help to go in the direction of Emerging Empowered™, which is the name of my upcoming book. It takes clarity, will, and some strategies, but it’s all worth it. Oh, yes, and it will take effort, too, even when you don’t feel much like making some!

You deserve to be treated with equality, reciprocity, and mutuality. However, if you don’t believe that, and don’t expect that, you may settle for crumbs even when you’re starving. You deserve the full meal deal, not crumbs!

Once you understand the ways of PastCasting, you’ll recognize when you’re inclined to do it, and hopefully, see yourself in the present, in your current situation, with rose-colored glasses resolutely off! This episode will help.

Ready to face the future and give up Pastcasting?  I’m here to help.

What folks have said…
Thank you for understanding me when no one else can, thank you for being here for me when no one else can. You are beacon of light in the darkness of my situation This is so true what you are talking about LoL . Thank you, I have never heard about this [diagnosis] earlier in life. Thank you, God Bless You
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