Not recognizing the impact of a toxic relationship in the workplace can cost you moving forward. It can have a big effect on your self-confidence because it affects how you think about and see yourself. Hear this story and learn from Michele's experience.


  • How even a short time in a toxic workplace can affect you negatively
  • The effects Michele experienced after a toxic workplace
  • What a past toxic experience can STOP you from doing and that's not a good thing
  • How a toxic experience affected Michele's ability and willingness to write
  • How she overcame it
  • What do you best do if you experience writer's block
  • Why to heal a blow to your ego as soon as possible

You spend many hours a day at work. Whether you go to a business setting or work from home, you will occasionally meet difficult, toxic people who are dedicated to putting you down and wearing you down. Michele PW shares her experience as a young copywriter and how it impacted her for years before she recovered true trust in herself.

Toxic workplaces abound. I've been invited to work with individual toxic managers, and with teams with a toxic member. No one feels good about going to work every day in this environment. Things can change before there are too lasting effects, if you get help early.

Michele talks about her specific experiences with a toxic boss, and how she managed to recover to become a successful business owner herself, and a successful writer. She shares how she became afraid of failing and not living up to the expectations of others.

Sound familiar? Enjoy this episode and take her learning for your own situation.


toxic workplaceGUEST: MICHELE PW

Michele PW (Pariza Wacek) is a best-selling, award-winning fiction and nonfiction author. On the fiction side, she writes psychological thrillers/mystery/suspense books and has a popular book blog.

On the nonfiction side, she’s written 5 books in the "Love-Based Business" series that share how to sell more with love and build a solid, profitable business on a foundation of love. In addition, she owns a copywriting and marketing company that has sold $50M worth of products and services.


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WEBSITE: michele@michelepw.com

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