When you experience emotional abuse, you are torn down and worn down over time. It's more difficult to clarify what you want and need to do, to set boundaries, when you're drained. Use these invaluable insights to pick yourself up, and heal!

Are toxic relationships ruining your health? Is your immune system being depleted by constant anxiety?

Walking on eggshells is a stressful way to get exercise. You need to change that and here are some ways.


  • What is meant by "functional medicine"
  • Why we have to distinguish between "medicine" and "natural medicine"
  • What big health issues are currently being ignored
  • The top 3 things to do to promote your own health
  • How toxic relationships affect your body
  • The difference between being a nice person and being an effective one
  • How early childhood patterns can create negative programming and what you can change

You can do so much for your own health. Dr. Sundardas Annamalay has made this is lifelong study and his mission is to help you recognize and realize all that you can do to overcome the exhaustion of emotional abuse, and other contributors to health issues. Emotional issues create physical issues. You want relief from both, and that's a very good thing to achieve.

BIG QUESTION: Do you feel energized by being with the other person, or not? That answer will tell you so much. We talk about that.

Early childhood patterns also affect our willingness to accept poor behaviors, or unwillingness to clarify and set boundaries. Even more so, to enforce those boundaries.

Are you ready to feel be better...including your physical health? Tune in and hear these invaluable insights from Dr. Annamalay who is revered throughout Asia for his wisdom, skills, and new ways to live by your own design.


emotional exhaustionAward Winning Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Strategic Business Mentor, Professor of Natural Medicine and Natural Medicine Practitioner. Dr Sundardas created the Million Dollar Designed Life Formula after working with more than 15,000 individuals from more than 30 countries.

He has shared the stage with some of the most successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders and executive coaches like Bill Walsh and Robert Kiyosaki, to name a few. His client list includes some of the leading Asian actresses and entertainers, diplomats, ambassadors, some of the richest families in Asia, the Middle East, India, and members of the royalty from Malaysia. Organisations include Goldman and Sachs, IBM, as well as South East Asian government bodies like the Ministry of Defence and Education, Singapore as well as the Ministry of Health, Thailand.

Dr. Sundardas has helped companies in the wellness arena generate more than US$25 million in sales by strategic technical positioning. He has worked with diverse industries such as healthcare, engineering, shipping, architecture, restaurants, fresh produce and health food, fashion, copywriting and public relations in the areas of Peak Performance, Personal Branding and Strategic Management.

Dr Sundardas has Asperger's Syndrome and recovered from a near terminal heart failure.

DR. SUNDADAS ANNAMALAY has a gift for you: "Life By Design: How to Design Your Ideal Life To Be Healthy"

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