Oops! Are You Enabling A Narcissist? Steps to Stopping

You may not realize what counts as enabling when dealing with a relentlessly difficult person, a Hijackal®. Gain some clarity and insights into good steps to take to stop enabling now.

Because you are good, kind, compassionate, or pleasing person, you may not realize the ways in which you are enabling a narcissist to continue behaving badly.

You know that you cannot stop their behavior, but you can take positive steps to stop enabling their behavior, and take your own power back. Listen in for the how-tos!


  • What it is to be an enabler
  • Why you might be an enabler
  • The problems with rationalizing, justifying, and making excuses for poor behavior
  • Why enabling hurts everyone
  • Ways in which you might be enabling that you may not think of in that way
  • 9 steps to stopping, to withdrawing from enabling

In any ways are you too often rationalizing, justifying, or making excuses for the controlling and manipulative behaviors of a #Hijackal, a #narcissist? Recognizing that is an excellent starting point!

According to the Oxford dictionary, an enabler is a “person who makes something possible, who encourages or enables negative or self-destructive behavior in another.” In all honesty, do you do that? Is it just easier than fighting with them, or being perceived as finding fault. I understand that, for sure.

Are you ready to take the first steps to stop enabling a relentlessly difficult person who simply wants to win, and tread on you? I hope so. You’ll find encouragement in this episode.

Big hugs!



Here are some tips on how to choose an assertive, boundary-setting approach instead of enabling the continued behavior:



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