How shifting the story you tell yourself makes it possible to entertain new paths, purposes, and values. Divorcing Your Story can be very helpful once you've walked through the loss.


  • Hear Tonya Carter's story of leaving a toxic relationship
  • What she means by "divorce your story"
  • Is shame and guilt always present in divorces?
  • Why its important to stop wanting to fix your partner
  • How to leave struggle behind
  • Why it's important to reconsider your life and see endless possibilities

When you've been hurt, it's natural to want to get the hurt out by telling your story. There's a point, though, when that needs to be replaced by your new life story. Tonya Carter has walked through the hurt, reconstructed her story, and helps others see the value and walk through it, too. Powerful step!

Author of Divorce Your Story, Tonya Carter wrote:

"Once we understand that the only person we have full control over is ourselves, then life becomes simple."

Listening to this conversation with Tonya can help you see the path to recovering from the pain of the story into another empowering stage and story. Letting go of your story opens you to new views, perspectives, and possibilities that you may not have considered. Get those insights now.


Tonya Carter is a relationship coach that specializes in helping women navigate through the process of uncoupling by providing support, advice, resources and tools that will help mitigate interruptions in their business, work performance and household obligations.

She has a book titled “Divorce Your Story: A Woman’s Guide to Heal & Thrive after Divorce”, a podcast “The ReInvent U Podcast” and facilitates a “12 week T.H.R.I.V.E Course” that walks women through the process of overcoming divorce and healing.

Tonya resides in Atlanta with her two children.

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