Love-Bombing Is Emotional Intoxication: How To Become Immune To It

Discard, then Woo. Devalue, then profess undying love. You know how the love-bombing swings. It’s a ploy, a sham. It’s not real. Be immune. Listen in.

When a #Hijackal love-bombs you, it’s what you’ve waited for, hoped for, and finally think is proving that their love is real. It’s a sham. It comes from their fear of being without readily available supply to provide validation, adoration, and someone to control Awful, but true! You don’t want to play this game any longer, right?

You need insights and strategies to remember why you are no longer going to “buy” the love-bombing, even though you may really, really want to. You know it only leads to disappointment, so today I’m giving you six ways and a couple of suggestions for becoming immune to love-bombing, to listen and remember that love-bombing is all manipulation.

I hope this helps you resist the urge to merge the next time a #Hijackal wants to woo you back with the weapon of love-bombing.

Big hugs!



  • How love-bombing is manipulation of the heart and mind
  • The short-lived nature of promises made to change
  • #Narcissistic reasons for love-bombing
  • Why you may be tempted to believe the love-bombing
  • How to be immune to love-bombing
  • Why love-bombing is psychological partner abuse

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