How To Keep A Hijackal From Tearing You Down

Hijackals–passive-aggressive. narcissistic. anti-social folks–thrive on tearing you down. Sometimes, it’s a slow picking at you. Sometimes, it’s a constant beratement. Either way, you need to stop it from getting into your head and under your skin. And, if it’s already there, I’ll help you get it out. Listen in.

Hijackals–my word for people who hijack relationships for their own needs and purposes, and then relentlessly scavenge them for power, status, and control–feed on having power over you. It’s what gets them up in the morning! Sad.


  • What gaslighting is
  • How to stop believing the gaslighting
  • Stopping the manipulation of believing a narcissistic person’s view of you
  • Changing your self-talk to what is accurate, true, and positive…no matter what a Hijackal says
  • Taking charge of what goes on in your head and saying “No!” to power games played by narcissists and other Hijackals


Hijackals thrive on tearing you down, wearing you down, and putting you down. It feeds that need for control. SO, they will say anything to you that keeps you small and makes them feel big. Nasty!

Whether the Hijackal you have in mind is your parent, sibling, partner, or adult child, subtly or crashingly crassly, they will find numerous ways to make you feel small, worthless, and insignificant. Does this sound familiar? Some of them only do it when fearful or stressed (that can be too much of the time!) and others live in that skin 24/7.

In this episode, I give you 9 ways to stop anyone from tearing you down. No, it has nothing to do with putting your hand over their mouth. AND, yes, it has everything to do with taking charge of yourself so that you can be Emerging Empowered!

Are you willing to believe what you know to be true about you regardless of what a Hijackal tries to sell you? Great. I’m here to help.

Let’s talk soon.



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