How To Get Emotional Toxicity Out Of Your Body

To be physically healthy, you also need emotional health. The two are closely related. Naturopath of note, and author of the new book Surviving A Viral Pandemic, talks about emotional toxicity, its effects on the body, and the essential changes required.


  • The impact of trauma emotionally and physically
  • The value of combining healing modalities
  • How emotional toxicity stays in the body until purposefully removed
  • How mental health, emotional health, and physical health intersect
  • Why we are sometimes unaware of, or reluctant to, attend to our invisible wounds
  • How your childhood informs a toxic relationship
  • Caring for invisible wounds

Many times, people fail to realize the impact of their emotional health on their physical health. They are more likely to recognize the impact of physical health on emotional health. That’s often because we don’t give full attention and value to our “invisible wounds.”

Emotional toxicity–living with abuse, childhood traumachronic stress and anxiety–directly affects your physical health. Yes, it may do so slowly and it creeps up on you, but it’s happening all the same.

Dr. Heather Herington says, “C-PTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder) is adult AIDS.” Intriguing idea! We talk about this in some depth in this episode regarding inflammation, the brain, stress, and the workings of the body.

Dr. Heather and I share stories of toxic relationships and how they shaped our lives. See how that matches with what you’ve experienced. It could be similar…and we share the stories of our healing, too.

This could be a VERY important episode that could start you on an insightful healing path. I hope so.


Dr Heather Herington has been a naturopathic physician since 1987. Early in her practice the Archdiocese requested treatment for a woman sexually abused by a priest who wanted drugless therapy. She held retreats on an island and developed her two-pronged approach – balance the biochemistry naturally and tell (or revise) the story through the expressive arts. An engaging speaker and astute workshop leader, she also writes essays, novels, librettos, and creates radio plays based on challenging health conditions that demand a true body-mind investigation. Her radio play, Dr Graves, We Healed Your Disease came from her own experience.

Dr. Herington is the author of the new book, Surviving A Viral Pandemic: Through The Lens Of A Naturopathic Medical Doctor. Available at Amazon:


A technique using the five senses to track feelings to better understand their source.


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