When you're with a #Hijackal--a difficult, toxic person, you can feel confused, and uncertain about what to do. Very unsettling and keeps you on edge. Today's tips for confident decision-making can lift the clouds and clear the fog!


  • Why we don't trust ourselves sometimes
  • What gets in the way of trusting yourself
  • How you can shift from shaky to secure decision-making
  • How you can overcome second-guessing
  • Why you need to learn to say "no" earlier

When you're with a toxic person, you recognize that they love to keep you in uncertainty, on edge, and hyper-vigilant. Recognize that?

Do you find your shoulders creeping up to your earlobes when you're around the #Hijackal?

When that is so, you lose energy, and the stress makes decision-making difficult, right? You second-guess yourself. You argue with yourself. You get quickly exhausted, and decisions are postponed.

Today, Mary Goulet is here to offer hope...and strategies. We talk about how to get back in touch with your own feelings, intuition, or gut instinct. That sometimes gets covered up by all the "noise" in a toxic relationship, right?

Mary Goulet says, "Your gut is always a statement: do, don't do, or delay." Let her suggestions get you back in touch with what's best for you, and how let your body tune in and tell you.

Decision-making? Mary says your gut is courage-based. That's good news, for a start!

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Mary Goulet has been in media since 2002. She is a radio host of The Mary Goulet Show and a co-host on Steve Olsher’s Reinvention Radio and Beyond 8 Figures. Mary has appeared on Dr. Phil, Montel, CBS Early Show, Fox National News and over 50-morning shows across the country.

Mary is an award-winning author; The MomsTown Guide to Getting It All (Hyperion) and It’s All About You, Live the Life You Crave (Simon & Schuster/Free Press). Her popular, signature work is titled Go With Your Gut; How to Make Decisions You Can Trust.

MARY GOULET'S FREE GIFT: Her ebook, Go With Your Gut.  Get your free copy at http://GoWithYourGut.net


WEBSITE: https://www.MaryGoulet.net


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