8 Essential Factors for Recovery After Emotional Abuse, that you need to consider

…even if you don’t want to and just want to go get the love, fun, attention, and validation you’ve been missing.

What if you skip them? It could be a disaster.

You may be anxious to date, or you may be scared spitless! Or, sometimes ready and sometimes sure you’ll never be! That’s how uncertain you can feel once a Hijackal is in your rear view mirror. Does it sound familiar?


  • Be emotionally prepared for dating
  • Follow the 8 Essential Factors for Recovery After Emotional Abuse…at a minimum!
  • Why you don’t want to use dating as a distraction from the pain of emotional abuse
  • Why you are not wise to jump into dating to feel better about yourself
  • A great analogy about wounds and scars to keep in mind

Even if you’re still with a Hijackal, you may be wondering about life beyond that relationship. Listen in to understand the best things to consider before you hit the dating scene. Maybe, you have a friend who’s newly single. Invite her or him to listen in because most divorces are fraught will many of the same issues leaving Hijackals present.

Yes, you might be wishing I was going to say, “Leap! Enjoy! Have fun!” I want that for you, however, not until you’re well-prepared. You want to be successful, to see and avoid all red flags, right? That means being wise, slowing down, and thinking about a few things first. Yep! Sorry. It takes time.

You might hope that dating will be a distraction.. Actually, it is more likely to be a disaster if you haven’t attended to the 8 Essential Factors in the broadcast. You could even find yourself hooked to another Hijackal! Oops!

Recovery itself takes a lot of things Far more than these 8 Factors. That’s why I call them the ESSENTIAL ones. These are the MUST-DO ones that you are wise to have spent time with in your plan BEFORE DATING! Please listen.

Are you wanting help to heal in the most direct way after the emotional abuse of a toxic relationship?  I’m here to help.

I wish you well.

Big hugs!



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