Trying to change these ten things about a Hijackal is impossible. Nothing you say will change them. Save your breath. Take them to heart right now, especially when housebound! with them

Still Housebound with a #Hijackal?

Did the first moment you realized that you might be quarantined with a Hijackal parent or partner send shivers through you?

This is NOT THE TIME to try to work things out or point things out. Difficult though it may be, when you are 24/7 with a #Hijackal, that the time to be the coolest you have ever been!


  • Fears about being housebound with a toxic person
  • Know what to do to maximize peace
  • Know what to do to minimize rage
  • Why expectations need to be low
  • Why to stay in "Observe" mode to save your sanity
  • 10 basic things that #Hijackals do that you cannot change no matter what you say
  • What to do while you wait it out. SO IMPORTANT!

Difficult, toxic people freak easily. What do they do when they freak? They demand more power and control.

OK, tell them they MUST stay home, and they are going to do two main things: refuse to stay home because "No one is gonna tell me what to do!" or stay home and be miserable, self-centered, and annoying, at a minimum. You know that.

Today, I'm giving you these ten truths clearly so that you will not expect the Hijackal in your life to be different. You won't expect them to change. You'll save yourself the time, effort, anxiety, and stress of hoping they will change.

Home 24/7 with a Hijackal? You'll get all the exercise you need walking on eggshells. These ten truths will help you see how to avoid blowing the roof off...or, at least, do you best to keep things to a dull roar.


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