Setting Boundaries. Calibrating Results. Making Decisions. No matter what the Hijackal thinks they are entitled to you need to set, express, and hold boundaries. In this episode, I’ll give you effective ways to begin, or continue, setting clear boundaries and staying strong. Oh, and, what to do when those Hijackals trample them, too!


  • Why Hijackals–narcissists, anti-socials, histrionics–are not interested in respecting your boundaries
  • Why Hijackals like to hear your boundaries (confusing, right?)
  • Why set boundaries
  • When boundaries need consequences
  • Why boundaries cannot be threats
  • The necessity for boundaries to be non-negotiable

Yes, Hijackals are boundary bulldozers. They don’t like boundaries…unless they are their own. Then, of course, everything is different! <SIGH>

Hijackals are definitely not interested in your boundaries in the way you want them to be. Listen in, though, to find out one way that Hijackals REALLY like to hear your boundaries. You don’t set boundaries for them,. though, you do it for yourself. You want to be Emerging Empowered and knowing your boundaries, being willing to express and maintain them, is part of that practice.

You previously may have made requests of the Hijackal in your life. How did that work? Did you get the results you wanted? Boundaries are another step beyond requests. Knowing what your boundaries are in the first step. Then, being willing to speak up about them comes next. You do well to know the steps. That’s what I’m outlining for you in this episode, so you can feel more confident.

How Hijackals respond to boundaries is good to know these seven responses you may receive. That helps so you won’t be surprised when it happens!

After you set and express your boundaries, you need to know how to maintain them, how to keep them non-negotiable. That again will help you with emerging empowered!

Not sure how to begin setting boundaries with a toxic person in your life? I’m here to help.

I have plenty more information about boundaries, why they’re important, and how to set & keep them… check out the entire playlist:


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