Do you identify as highly-sensitive? It's more than feeling hurt easily by far. Are you a highly-sensitive person? Find out today. AND, if you are, a narcissistic person would love to wind you up and shut you down. Listen in for big help!


  • How to know if you are a highly-sensitive person
  • The energetic difference between highly-sensitive person and one who is not
  • How the approach to life is different for a highly-sensitive person
  • 3 traits a highly-sensitive person has that makes them susceptible to attracting an emotional abuser
  • What it takes for a highly-sensitive person to stand in their power
  • What a highly-sensitive person can do to make sure they attract a healthy love relationship
  • Tips for handling a toxic relationship

Do you know if you are actually a highly-sensitive person? That's MUCH more than easily having your feelings hurt.

You will be VERY attractive to a person who wants to control you, and that's a devastating combination.

My guest, Debbie Lynn Grace, is an expert who can help you understand the many ways highly-sensitive people are affected by their environment, life, and relationships. We take it further to give you the life-saving insights you need to recognize why you are attractive to #Hijackals, and why you attract them. Best of all, we talk about WHAT TO DO!

Any chance you would qualify as an "over-giver?" That's a big one and we'll give you the why's and how's to shift to a more balanced view, an empowered stance, and the willingness to take action to save your sanity!

This episode can be the catalyst for changing your life if you are highly-sensitive!


"The time you take trying to cover yourself up because you feel ashamed, judged, or unsafe takes away precious moments of your life where you could be discovering more about the brilliance of who you really are and the power you possess." Debbie Lynn Grace

Debbie started her professional career in the direct marketing industry in the early 80’s where she was an Account Supervisor overseeing multi-million dollar direct mail campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. In 1991 she became Vice President of Marketing for a 4.5 billion dollar Financial Institution in Chicago.

The corporate environment was never Debbie’s great joy. She yearned to be on her own and the creator of her own path. She left the bank and in 1994 moved to St. Louis to start her own marketing consulting business, Source Communications.

A few months after starting her fledgling business, Debbie went through a life changing painful event which lead her to explore a form of energy work called Flow, Alignment and Connection™ in order to help with her emotional healing. For the next two years Debbie continued to grow her marketing consulting business by day. At night, she learned how to track energy flow and identify where there is a lack of flow in a person or situation and dissolve the energy block so that a transformation would happen.

It was through this energy practice Debbie discovered she had a very powerful intuitive gift that she began to use in her consulting practice. She was able to identify the energy blocks in her clients’ business and give her clients very specific strategic advise that removed the energy blocks and aligned their business in the market place.

As the years progressed, her inner voice kept getting stronger and stronger guiding her to move beyond business and integrate her professional and spiritual calling.

Today, Debbie Lynn Grace is a transformational leader, 35 year marketing and business growth expert, author of the book, Outrageous Business Growth, a contributing author to five other business and personal development books and an international speaker. She is also a gifted energy worker, empath and intuitive. Debbie’s clients include global leaders, influential and high achieving professionals, purpose driven entrepreneurs and people who are ready to step into their own authentic power to take their life to the next level. She shows you how to live in the highest vibration of your authentic power so your work and life are purpose filled and aligned on your soul journey with ease and flow. Over the last 26 years Debbie’s online programs and live events have impacted hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.  She has spoken at business, leadership and personal development conferences around the world and is frequently interviewed in the media. You can find out more about Debbie Lynn Grace at www.Debbielynngrace.com





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