Handling the Horrors of Hijackal In-Laws

Whether they are your in-laws (parents or siblings), or your adult children’s in-laws, you can feel frustrated, infuriated, diminished, dismissed, or downright denied by in-laws you need to be right and want to be in control. It can tear your relationships apart. Worse, it can tear YOU apart! In this episode, you’ll learn to recognize subtle and in-your-face screaming signs that Hijackal in-laws won’t be ignored. Learn some ways to handle the horrors of Hijackal in-laws.

Direct emotional abuse from a Hijackal in-law is often coupled with indirect emotional abuse through the family. It’s important to do what you can to stop the flying monkeys, triangulation, and constant drama!


  • The 7 horrors of Hijackal in-laws
  • What you MUST handle first when you recognize you have a Hijackal in-law
  • Traits of difficult in-laws
  • 10 approaches to handling Hijackal in-laws

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