Got Peace? 8 Must-Haves for Emotional Well-Being

If you’re looking for some inner peace, you need to start by looking at yourself.
Are you focused on a Hijackal and not on yourself? That’s just what the Hijackal wants you to do. Now is the time for focus on your own internal well-being.

In this episode, you’ll hear 8 MUST HAVES, and, more importantly, WHY they are an essential place to start when you’re feeling put down, worn down, and torn down by a narcissistic Hijackal. Regain your center. Reclaim your power…and rebuild your life. Get yourself some peace!

Sound good? Great! You’ll be on a good path to healthier relationships with yourself and others when you discover the power of these 8 MUST-HAVES. AND, put them into daily action in your life.

– Why balance is key
– Why balance is next to impossible for more than a hot minute with a Hijackal┬«
– Not co-regulating with a dysfunctional Hijackal
– Recognizing your need for autonomy (Hijackals hat that!)
– You have the right to express your feelings, thoughts, needs, and wants
– Claiming your space in life with anyone



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