Feeling Trapped? Two BIG Things You Can Give Up That You May Not Realize You’re Doing

Two big things may be false underpinnings of your relationship with a difficult, toxic person: a Hijackal. Fortunately, once you see how these became foundations of your relationship, you can be on your way to escaping the Hijackal trap, and feeling freer

Feeling trapped? Feeling stuck?

Not sure how to move from feeling things are impossible to a new direction?

You need to deeply consider these two things!


  • What happened at the start of the relationship makes a big difference
  • Why you may idolize a new partner
  • How idealization strays far from reality
  • Two things you need to examine if you’re feeling trapped
  • How to get rid of old rose-colored glasses and see your relationship in the true light of today
  • How doing these things can get you away from feeling trapped

When we start a relationship, things are rosy. Or, at least, we think they are. That sets up a dynamic that may go unexamined for too long, and a relationship can become very lop-sided.

Is that how you feel about your relationship?

Today’s episode can make a HUGE breakthrough for you if you will think deeply about these two important factors: Idolizing and idealizing. You may not understand they accurately enough. You will after you listen. And, you’ll know how to move in a healthier direction for you and your children.

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