Enmeshed, Entrenched, and Emerging Empowered! Know the Differences so YOU can Make a Difference!

You know that being enmeshed or entrenched with another human is unhealthy, right? You may not recognize just what’s happening right now, though. This episode will help you see what’s unhealthy and how to move towards Emerging Empowered.

Hijackals want you to become enmeshed and entrenched, along with a host of other things they want that are designed to give them power and control over you. They want to be able to manipulate you. You know how they love to blame you for everything. Keeping you enmeshed makes Hijackals happy. They can play with your emotions like a cat with a toy. Nasty!

Difficult situations are part and parcel of life with a Hijackal. If you become worn down enough because they have torn you down by putting you down, they think that makes you easier prey. They hope that you will allow them more and more power and control. Sometimes, you do, just to keep the peace. Sometimes, because you’re afraid of them!

That’s why it’s important to recognize the distinctions I’m making in the episode. It will help you gain clarity, and see where you can regain some strength.

Do you ever feel like you might just as well give in and stop resisting their manipulations? I’m sure you do. It’s exhausting and you end up picking your battles carefully. Then, things begin to wear away further, and there may be little left of you. Not good. So, listen in.


  • What it means to be entrenched in a relationship
  • Why being enmeshed can keep you stuck
  • 5 Steps to Emerging Empowered
  • Announcing Dr. Shaler’s new Emerging Empowered Community
  • How to move towards empowerment and away from enmeshment with a Hijackal

If you know that you need some insights, strategies, and support to arise from an unhealthy relationship,  I’m here to help.

I wish you well.


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