Don’t Believe “Emotional Facts”: Recognize How Narcissists Use Them To Gaslight and Control You

#Hijackals--all people with narcissistic, sociopathic, anti-social tendencies--love to manipulate with emotional facts. Help today to recognize and refute them. Tips for empowering responses!


  • Where the term, "emotional facts," is used
  • How emotional facts demonstrate narcissistic projection
  • How emotional facts are related to the Impostor Syndrome
  • Emotional facts are part of the "all or nothing" thinking of #Hijackals
  • Bill Eddy's definition of emotional facts
  • How mirror neurons fit into the emotional facts discussion
  • Six steps to defusing the fog of emotional facts coming in your direction

Underhanded and manipulative, so-called "emotional facts" are used freely by #Hijackals--relentlessly difficult, toxic people like narcissists, borderlines, anti-socials--to frustrate, confuse, and blame. (You'll notice the same in #Hijackal attorneys.) You need to recognize emotional facts. Learn to question and refute them quickly. Tips for empowering responses here, too. Hijackals® use emotional facts to suggest possible dire outcomes for something that is unlikely to happen. It's crazy-making! But, so is much of what #Hijackals do each day!

Emotional facts are also a tactic for getting others to make hasty decisions based on fear. Have you noticed how much they enjoy pushing that agenda.

I give you six steps to communicating with a person who is in the throes of presenting emotional facts, and they work well. Let me know how they worked for you.

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