You've left the #Hijackal relationship. Now, you want to live your best life based on what YOU value, need, want, and feel. Here are six steps.

You made it! You have ended the relationship with the toxic, difficult person, the #Hijackal!

Good for you! You know what is best for you, and your family.


  • Refocusing yourself after the toxic person is gone
  • Knowing the difference between information and knowledge
  • Staying conscious of what you're moving towards
  • Six steps on the journey to being who you most want to be
  • Having the life you want, and the relationships you value

It takes a long time to be truly free from a #Hijackal.  And, you've done it!

Or, you've at least moved away from the person physically. Your emotions may take awhile to catch up. That's normal.

So, when you find yourself second-guessing the breakup--because that happens too frequently--here are six habits to focus on to have the happier, healthier life you want. Pick up your mind when in travels back to #Hijackal Land, and bring it to these six habits. It will help, I promise.

When you've been with a toxic person, toxicity rubs of on you a little. You might be edgy, maybe even a little hyper-vigilant still. Quick to feel angry, or quick to feel defeated. That's normal. What to do? Focus on these six things. (You're getting it, right? These six things are important! )

New habits take practice. You know there is a big difference between talking about something and actually doing it! In that same way, there is a big difference between having information and actually turning it into knowledge. Knowledge is information that you have taken into your body, mind, heart, and soul and it shows up as changed behavior!

Six changes in behavior for you to focus on feel more confident, secure, and healthy. They are simple, AND they work. Enjoy!


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