What you thought you bought was love, and how it turned out to be a low-quality substitute.

BAIT-AND-SWITCH! That's an illegal activity in the U.S. and many other countries, when it comes to advertising great deals. It would be SO good, if it were illegal when it comes to #Hijackals everywhere, too.

In advertising terms, bait-and-switch is described as a scam that entices people with a great product of high quality at a very attractively low price. Once a person buys it, they find that they got a low-quality substitute with a no-return policy.

Doesn't that remind of you of how you become ensnared by a #Hijackal? You're love-bombed, made to believe you are the most amazing creature on earth and that the Hijackal would go to the ends of the earth for you.


  • How sex is often used once the love-bombing stage is over
  • Why you don't want to believe the bait-and-switch
  • How something that seems so intensely wonderful could go so intensely wrong
  • How #Hijackals use sex as a weapon
  • Why #Hijackals can never get enough power over you
  • How withholding or demanding sex is often part of coercive control

Hijackals move quickly. You've likely seen graphics on Facebook that remind you that no one falls in love more quickly than a narcissist who has lost a job and has nowhere to stay. Whether or not that was your case, the Hijackal wants to move quickly: fall in love, move in, get pregnant, borrow money, wham! That's to establish control.

By the time the picture starts to come clearly out of the "love haze", and into focus, you don't want to see it. You want to believe the love-bombing. And, then, the abuse begins.

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