Are You Striving to Be Good Enough for a Narcissist?

If you had a narcissistic or Hijackal parent, you were pre-conditioned to accept the poor treatment of a Hijackal. That’s difficult enough! Then, you may find yourself in a supposedly romantic relationship with one, and eventually it starts to resemble the one with your parents, right? No accident!


  • Two kinds of people Hijackals and narcissists look for
  • Why you may never have felt good enough
  • How Hijackals, narcissists and anti-social people control you
  • Why perfection will never be enough
  • How to break the cycle

Hijackals are particularly interested in people who have been “pre-groomed” to accept their sad, frustrating, and infuriating shenanigans. So, if you did have a Hijackal parents (or, like me, had two of them), you are set up to be Hijackal Bait by that experience.

You may not have felt good enough with your parents, at school, in a sports situation, or with friends. Then, the Hijackal–that person who is supposed to love you in every way–takes over the abusive behaviors. You may think that it is your job to please the Hijackal, to make them happy. NO! It isn’t your job. But, a Hijackal will certainly turn those tables on you, leaving you feeling as though you can never be good enough.

This has to change. This episode will help you start that journey, or accelerate it.

These things can be difficult to change and integrate without professional help. I’m here to help.

Let’s talk soon.


What folks have said…
I listen to your podcast and your YouTube videos. I like the guest speakers. Your voice soothes and strengthens me. My emotional mother.
Past client

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