Angry with a Hijackal®? Why Payback Won’t Work

Hijackal behavior is outrageous, and it gets your blood boiling too often, right? They are like vampires, draining your blood.

And, you just want to show ’em how it feels. And, you want them to see how much they hurt you.

And, truth be told, you want them to hurt the way you are hurt. So, you think that payback will help.

It doesn’t, won’t, and can’t.

Highlights of THIS episode:

  • why responding to the hurtful ways of Hijackals takes some finesse
  • how you can take back your power
  • where you can find your greatest strength to stop being manipulated by a #Hijackal
  • why payback never works with Hijackals

News flash! They don’t care about you, or your feelings. They want what they want, and that is power and control.

So, when you are poised to write that poison pen letter to let them know that they cannot treat you that way, you need to think about today’s episode and change your tactic.

You can never be who they want you to be because that changes with the wind. You have to know who you are and be only that. Listen. Get this right down to your toes, even though it feels counter-intuitive when you’re hurt and angry.

I know how difficult making the shift is that I’m suggesting today. If you’re still so angry you could spit wooden nickels, Let’s work on that together.

Hijackals are toxic people who create toxic relationships! It’s SO important not to respond with toxicity to them. Most important reason: you won’t like yourself when you do!

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